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Showing all 16 results

This category is our range for all your commercial oven needs. This category includes ovens designed for use in any commercial kitchen. We have electric ovens as well as gas ovens, perfect for any catering establishment.

Used in a wide variety of commercial kitchens, from large restaurants to quaint cafes. These convection ovens maintain a consistent cooking temperature, guaranteeing a high quality culinary result.

Our expansive catalog includes globally recognized brands offering innovative commercial convection ovens, including:

  • Buffalo: Includes the Buffalo CW863, known for its robust construction and 50 Litre cooking capacity.
  • Infernus: The fan assisted Infernus INF-1AE model guarantees steadfast performance and reliability.
  • Hamoki: The Hamoki 6A model offers unmatchable quality and performance, with a generous cooking capacity.

Convection ovens provide precise temperature control, ensuring your dishes are cooked consistently. Moreover, their durability and simple maintenance make them a crucial addition to any commercial cooking establishment.

Explore H2 Products’ impressive range of commercial convection ovens today. Offering both new and thoroughly inspected used models, we cater to different budgetary and operational considerations. Enhance your culinary operations with our superior selection of convection ovens, ensuring top-quality and uncompromised cooking solutions.