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    This category contains our commercial microwaves. We have a range of commercial microwave ovens from top brands. We are confident that you will find a microwave to suit your commercial kitchen needs.

    Whether you’re looking for a programmable microwave, the Whirlpool PRO 25 IX is a great option. The efficiency of a Panasonic NE1853 programmable microwave is another worthy choice. Our high quality microwaves range from 1000W to 1850W, (including 1500W and 1800W microwave options). All our microwave ovens meet the needs of any commercial kitchen.

    We have the Menumaster Jetwave JET514U high speed microwave oven and the Samsung CM1919 1850w manual microwave. These models are availeble with high-speed operations, catering to the rigorous demands of busy commercial catering environments.

    We offer the Chefmaster HEB643 Microwave 1800W and the Samsung CM1529 1500w Programmable Microwave, both digital microwaves. Innovative features in these models allow you to cook meals consistently. We have Samsung microwaves in stock as either new or B grade options with frequent stock changes. All our microwaves are easy to clean and feature parts and labour warranties as standard.

    Our mission is to provide reliable, high-quality, and robust commercial microwave ovens to aid your commercial kitchen.