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    This section of our website is our collection of panini grills and panini presses for commercial use. Our commercial contact grill and panini makers can meet the demands of even the toughest kitchens.

    Our range includes diverse offerings from single to double contact grills. The HC-CG1 or the iMettos 101016 single ribbed/flat contact grill is a perfect compact space saving panini maker.

    For larger grilling, the Buffalo FC386 Double Half Ribbed Panini Grill and the Lincat Double Contact Grills are perfect. These panini press grills ideal choices for any commercial kitchen, delivering consistent heat and even cooking numerous paninis simultaneously.

    Flexible panini contact grills include the Infinity IN-IRRCG1 l and Buffalo DY993. These commercial panini grills come with ribbed and flat surfaces, offering dual functionality.

    H2 Catering Equipment suppies you with the best equipment on the market. For more information on our range of panini makers call us or visit our huge warehouse.