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      Showing 1–24 of 37 results

      This category offers our full range of ice machines and ice makers. Our extensive selection of commercial ice machines are tailored to equip any commercial catering business with reliable way of producing ice, no matter the demand.

      Ice makers with all the capacity that you need

      Our collection features a wide array of brands including DC, Tefcold, Blue Ice, Maidaid, and Masterfrost, ensuring that quality is at the forefront of your business.

      Experience the ice making efficiency of products like the DC DCG90-20A Granular Ice Maker or the Tefcold TC85 Ice Maker, both designed to perform on demand and last the test of time.

      Whether it’s the compactness of the Tefcold TC26, the power of Blue Ice’s Bullet Ice Maker offering 48kg per 24 hours, or the sheer giant capability of Blue Ice’s Classic Ice Maker delivering an extremely impressive 120kg of ice per 24 hours, our range caters to businesses of all sizes and requirements.

      We provide an extensive range of commercial ice machines, from granular ice to pebble ice makers, offering the flexibility of choice based on your preferred ice type.