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    Elevate your commercial kitchen with our premium range of bratt pans. Our collection includes electric and manual bratt pans, offering you a comprehensive solution to various cooking methods.

    The Blue Seal Evolution electric tilting bratt pan, typifies excellence in design and functionality. This electric unit can braise, boil, steam, poach, stew, roast and even fry, proving it’s versatility. Enhance your kitchen’s capabilities with just one piece of equipment.

    For those who appreciate the nuanced control of retro cooking, our selection also showcases manual bratt pans. Both manual and electric models are designed to cater to busy professional kitchens. Delivering heavy-duty performance whilst ensuring easy meal portioning and effective heat control as standard.

    Our bratt pans, which are made of strong stainless steel, play an important role in big places like schools, hotels, and canteens.

    Explore our diverse collection and choose between manual and electric bratt pans to find the perfect fit for your needs.