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      Showing 1–24 of 29 results

      If you are looking for a commercial fryer for your kitchen, this commercial fryers category is for you. Our range features commercial fryers designed for catering businesses who aspire to have high performing equipment in their kitchens.

      You will find a comprehensive selection of commercial deep fryers from manufacturers well known for their quality and efficiency. We have the Infernus’ single and twin tank models and Blue Seal’s GT46 twin pan gas fryer available with a stainless steel construction. We stock products that can cater to a wide range of catering and commercial kitchen environments with baskets included.

      Our selection of industrial fryers include the FT-26I electric donut fryer, perfect for cooking donuts fresh. Those looking for a compact commercial deep fat fryer will find the Blue Seal GT18 single pan fryer an ideal solution for their needs.

      Whether you manage a fast food restaurant or bistro, our commercial fryers guarantee high performance, durability, and usability. Backed with warranties, so you can be confident in your fryer purchase. All our deep fryers, are easy to use and maintain with varying oil capacity. This makes them a smart choice for any commercial food service.

      Explore our commercial fryers category today and for more information feel free to call our friendly team.