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    Showing all 16 results

    Enter the world of efficient dough preparation with our top-notch selection of Spiral Mixers at H2 Products. Designed to handle the rigours of commercial food preparation, our spiral mixers are essential tools for establishments involved in heavy baking processes.

    Our collection comprises cutting-edge dough mixers from reputed brands, including Hamoki, Infernus, and Fimar. As variants of the commercial dough mixer, spiral mixers offer exceptional kneading capabilities critical to commercial kitchens, particularly pizzerias and bakeries.

    From the compact 22-litre Fimar 18/C suited for space-conscious kitchens, to the impressive 200-litre Kingfisher CPM200 built for large-scale operations, our range caters to all volume requirements. Each dough mixer in our lineup is built to provide you with unparalleled performance, durability, and ease of use.

    All our spiral mixers boast robust construction and user-friendly design, making them the preferred choice for many commercial kitchens. They power through the most demanding dough-kneading tasks while ensuring consistency and quality in every batch.

    Investigate our stellar range to discover the powerful blend of design and technology in every commercial dough mixer. Let our spiral mixers become the cornerstone of your food preparation process today.