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Welcome to “Catering Talk,” the section of H2 Catering Equipment’s website, where you’ll discover the most recent company updates, insightful catering related articles, product reviews and how-to guides.

Care Guide: How to Maintain and Clean Your Commercial Fridge

Introduction A well-maintained commercial fridge is the backbone of any business where food safety and preservation are key factors. This guide will detail the essential cleaning and maintenance practices to ensure your fridge operates at peak performance. Importance of Maintaining a Commercial Fridge Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life

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How to Remove Scratches from Your Stainless Steel Table

Introduction It was Saturday night and the restaurant was buzzing. Customers were chatting happily while waiters whisked by carrying plates of steaming food. As a manager doing final rounds, you noticed something that stopped you in your tracks – deep scratches across the surface of the stainless steel tables in

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Care Guide: How to Maintain and Clean Your Stainless Steel Table

Introduction Whether it’s the centerpiece of a bustling commercial kitchen or a chic modern home office, the inherent beauty and durability of stainless steel tables can’t be undervalued. This blog aims to equip you with essential tips and techniques, offering a comprehensive care guide for your stainless steel table. Understanding

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Understanding Planetary and Spiral Mixers

When exploring commercial food mixers, you will likely come across two common types: planetary mixers and spiral mixers. Understanding the differences between these two options will help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. Planetary Mixers Planetary mixers are versatile and widely used in professional kitchens. They

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Elevate Your Summer with Refreshing Alcoholic Slush Drinks

If you’re considering incorporating alcoholic slush drinks into your business, whether it’s a bar, restaurant, or special event catering service, you’ll be pleased to know that these frozen concoctions can offer excellent profit margins. Here’s why: Versatile and In-Demand Offerings Alcoholic slush drinks are highly popular among customers seeking refreshing

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