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    Showing all 8 results

    We are a renowned supplier of quality commercial blenders and commercial juicer machine equipment, catered to meet the needs of any busy commercial kitchen, restaurant or bar. Designed for reliability and efficiency, our collection can be used for a wide range of commercial food preparation.

    Within our range, you’ll find the Chefmaster HEA505 Stick Blender that, with its hand held design, is a perfect addition for any kitchen requiring speedy blending processes. The Fama Stick Blender also has a hand held design that aids efficiency as well as a space considerate design.

    On the commercial juicer machine end, our offerings include the highly efficient Kitchen Aid Juicer and Santos Juicer, perfect for creating fresh juices at peak times in your café or restaurant.

    These high-capacity machines promise consistent, top-performing results to streamline your juice and blending tasks.

    Explore H2 Products’ Blenders and Juicers category today to discover the perfect commercial blender and commercial juicer machine fit for your kitchen’s demands.