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      We present you with high quality commercial rice cookers and commercial pasta cookers specifically designed to meet the demands of busy catering and hospitality kitchens.

      Our collection features the Brand New Panasonic SR-GA421 and SR-GA721 Rice Cookers. With a generous capacity of 4.2 Litre and 7.2 Litre respectively, these cookers ensure consistently fluffy and perfectly cooked rice, serving as a reliable companion for restaurants and takeaways.

      Adding to our line-up are the New B Grade Buffalo DB191 Pasta Boiler and the New B Grade Buffalo J300 Rice Cooker. Known for their reliable performance, these appliances elevate the efficiency and productivity of your kitchen.

      We also carry pasta cookers like the New B Grade Pimak 70S-M184 Pasta Cooker. Designed for consistency, these pasta cookers perfectly al dente pasta every time, a key requirement in any restaurant’s fast-paced kitchen.

      Explore our comprehensive range of commercial rice and pasta cookers today! Delivering top-quality appliances, H2 Products is committed to helping you enhance your commercial kitchen.