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    This is our selection commercial toasters and commercial bun toasters available new, used, ex demo or B grade options. We provide catering and hospitality businesses with the most efficient small appliances that aim to streamline your busy kitchen workflows.

    Our assortment of toasters includes the Infernus INF-HET6 Commercial 6 Slot Toaster, known for its robust stainless-steel design and great performance. For those who need to deliver toasted buns consistently, we have the Dualit range of bun toasters, which includes the D6NMC 6 Slot and the CD383 4 Slot models.

    We also stock the Dualit CD384 Bun Toaster, a 6-slot commercial toaster offering fast and even toasting performance. We also have the Lincat CT1 Conveyor Toaster, noted for its impressive throughput and compact design.

    The unrivalled Lincat LT6X 6 Slot Toaster is a magnificent addition to any commercial kitchen, particularly famed for its sturdiness and efficient heat distribution, ensuring uniform toast every time.

    We offer reliable, durable, and high-performing commercial toasters that cater to varying demands across different scale kitchens.