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    Showing all 12 results

    We have a wide range of upright fridges available for delivery nationwide. Our products are built to a high standard and come with a warranty so you can rest assured that your new purchase will last.

    White upright fridges are an indispensable addition to your commercial kitchen, infusing a sense of freshness and spaciousness while ensuring maximum utilization of floor space. Beyond their captivating aesthetic appeal, these fridges deliver remarkable cooling performance to keep your ingredients fresh and potent, making them a reliable partner in your culinary journey.

    Our noteworthy collection of white upright fridges includes distinguished brands globally recognized for their superior products:

    • Diaminox: Offering new models such as the DX400R Single Upright Fridge and the DX600R Single Fridge Upright. These high-capacity fridges assure resilient construction, efficient cooling, and optimal space utilization.
    • Polar: Featured models include both new and B Grade Polar CC663 Double Upright Fridge and the Polar GL185 Single Door Patisserie Refrigerator. Should you need a compact solution, the brand new Polar CD612 and CD614 Fridges characteristically combine compactness with substantial storage capacity.

    Explore our range of new and quality-tested B-grade white upright fridges today. Whether your establishment is a small bistro desiring an elegant, compact fridge or a large-scale restaurant requiring ample storage, our selection promises to cater to every need and budget.

    Enhance your commercial kitchen with an H2 Products white upright fridge. By combining aesthetic charm with superior functionality, these fridges are equipped to serve your commercial kitchen. Reliable performance, generous storage, and clean aesthetics are awaiting you in our collection of white upright fridges.