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    Showing all 23 results

    We have a wide range of upright fridges available for delivery nationwide. Our products are built to a high standard and come with a warranty so you can rest assured that your new purchase will last.

    Stainless steel upright fridges, known for their resilience against wear and tear, are an indispensable fixture in any commercial kitchen. These fridges not only present a sleek, modern appearance, but their robust stainless steel build ensures their longevity and reliability. The upright design optimizes storage, keeping your perishable ingredients fresh and accessible for culinary excellence.

    Our array of stainless upright fridges hosts an assortment of renowned brands worldwide, including:

    • Diaminox: Offering both new and B-grade models for varied requirements. The new Single Upright Fridge DX400SR, and the Double Upright Fridge SU1200R, are both representational of the brand’s commitment to quality and dependability.
    • Polar: Featuring brand new models like the Polar GE632 and popular B-grade options such as Polar CW195 and G594 Double Fridges, catering to diverse needs across commercial kitchen environments.

    Whether your setting is a bustling restaurant needing substantial storage options or a cozy cafe seeking compact refrigeration, our stainless steel upright fridge collection provides multiple choices for every necessity and budget.

    Elevate your kitchen’s efficiency and style quotient with a stainless steel upright fridge from H2 Products. Combining sleek aesthetics with robust functionality, our fridges are well-equipped to ensure your commercial kitchen remains optimally provisioned, delivering unmatched performance and appearance. Choose from our collection of stainless steel upright fridges for an elevated culinary journey.