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We understand the importance of having a reliable, efficient, and top-quality water boiler in your commercial establishment. Our hot water boilers are perfect for cafes, restaurants, and catering services as they can meet any requirement.

An auto fill water boiler, also known as a water boiler autofill, is an indispensable tool in any professional catering facility, hotel, cafe, or canteen. These boilers maintain a high capacity of hot water, ready for instant use, thereby saving employees’ time and reducing wait times for customers.

Our collection includes premium brands, renowned for their quality:

Lincat: Our Lincat offerings feature auto fill water boilers with varying capacities, such as the EB3FX with an impressive 11-liter capacity. Lincat also offers configurations with single and twin taps, like the EB6FX Single-Tap Water Boiler and the EB6TFX Automatic Twin-Tap Water Boiler.

Buffalo: Our Buffalo range features the B Grade CN535 and the Auto Fill CN534, both providing durable construction and efficient performance. Buffalo’s machines infuse quality into every drop of hot water delivered.

The best part about an autofill water boiler is their plug-and-play nature, ready to deliver hot water at consistent temperatures the moment they’re switched on. They excel in offering streamlined operations, be it in a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a busy caterer.

Explore our assortment today, and find the water boiler autofill perfectly tailored to your kitchen’s needs. Promising reliable performance, easy operation, and consistent results, our auto fill water boilers are the ultimate solution to keep the supply of hot water flowing in your commercial kitchen.