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A quality range of hot cupboards and food warmers held in stock in our warehouse. We select our hot cupboards to meet the demands of busy catering businesses. If you need a plate warmer for the kitchen or a bain marie food warmer for front of house, you will find it here.

A flat top hot cupboard is a staple in any high-output food service operation. From small cafes to notable restaurants and event caterers, these cupboards ensure that food remains at an ideal serving temperature, preventing premature cooling and preserving the delightful taste and texture.

Our lineup comprises a mix of renowned brands known for their innovative designs:

Hamoki: Our new range includes the Hamoki HC-1 Stainless Plate Food Warmer, a compact yet spacious option perfect for any professional kitchen.

Heittox: We accommodate diverse kitchen needs with Heittox models from HC-1200 to HC-1800 Hot Cupboard. They serve as excellent solutions for a bustling service line thanks to their substantial holding capacity.

Infernus: Infernus stands out with its diverse models like the INF-WS2 Single Plate Warmer and the INF-WS3 Double Door Plate Warmer. Highlighting options even expands to the INFW-2DB Warming Drawers, which focuses on catering efficiency.

Lincat and Moffat: With cupboards such as the Lincat HC7 Open Top Heated Pedestal and the Moffat HC175RU Low Hot Cupboard, these brands offer robust models that secure the quality of your food while in storage.

With their immense versatility, flat top hot cupboards offer a significant space where hot food can both be stored and prepared. Designed to maintain the desirable temperature and quality of your culinary creations, our flat-top hot cupboards are an investment worth making.

Discover the ideal flat top hot cupboard perfect for your needs today. Our selection promises reliable performance, vast capacity, and superior construction designed to enhance your food service operations.