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We have an extensive range of quality commercial bain marie solutions, to meet the unique needs of your restaurant, catering, or hospitality business. Understanding the importance of consistent, easy and efficient food service, our Bain Marie category offers a variety of solutions to keep your dishes at the ideal serving temperature.

A freestanding bain marie is an invaluable addition to any commercial food service setup. These units maintain your dishes at the optimal serving temperature without compromising their quality and flavour. From serving soups and sauces to maintaining the temperature of precooked dishes, these bain maries provide ultimate heat control.

Our collection includes leading brands known for their durability and unfailing performance:

Lincat: Known for their solid construction and excellence in performance, our Lincat bain maries feature standard 3-pin plug connection for convenience.

Buffalo, Moffat, Falcon, Infernus, and Interlevin: Each brand offers distinct features and configurations to suit diverse needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional freestanding bain marie or a mobile bain marie trolley, we have an option to perfect your food service operations.

A subcategory amongst our freestanding bain maries includes the bain marie carvery. Perfectly suited for catering businesses and restaurants, these units best display your culinary masterpieces while ensuring they stay perfectly warm throughout the service.

Explore our selection today, and discover a freestanding bain marie that aligns with your business’s requirements. Be it for a buffet, a cafeteria, a hotel, or a fully-fledged restaurant, our freestanding bain maries — ranging from classic designs to bain marie trolleys to bain marie carveries — deliver upon the dual promise of performance and efficacy.