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Showing all 3 results

We present you with high quality commercial rice cookers and commercial pasta cookers specifically designed to meet the demands of busy catering and hospitality kitchens.

A commercial rice cooker is an essential piece of equipment in any professional kitchen, promising perfectly cooked rice every time. With the capacity to prepare large amounts of rice uniformly and quickly, these cookers save you time and effort, especially in high-demand environments.

Our collection includes top-notch brands renowned for their reliability and efficiency:

Panasonic: Our Panasonic cookers provide unrivaled quality and durability, offering exceptional results consistently. These cookers are equipped with state-of-art technology to guarantee evenly cooked, fluffy rice each time it’s used.
The ease of use of our commercial rice cookers is one of their standout features. With our cookers, it’s as simple as loading the rice, adding water, and hitting the ‘Cook’ button. Besides, they operate with a standard 3-pin plug connection for added convenience.

Whether you’re running a bustling restaurant, a busy cafeteria, or a catering service, our rice cookers are designed to meet your commercial cooking needs effectively. These appliances ensure consistent, high-quality rice – a staple in various cuisines – making them ideally suited for diverse culinary settings.

Browse through our selection today and discover the rice cooker that perfectly aligns with your commercial kitchen requirements. Offering energy-efficient performance, simplicity of operation, and consistent results, our commercial rice cookers promise to be an invaluable addition to your cooking toolkit.