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This category is a source for high quality commercial griddles suitable for any kitchen or takeaway environment. We offer an expansive range of commercial grills that meet the specifications of various commercial catering businesses.

LPG Griddles

Our range of LPG gas griddles, designed to elevate your professional cooking to new heights. Our carefully chosen selection of LPG griddles, delivers high quality and consistent grilling.

LPG griddles have a high heat output to tackle the demands of even the most busiest of kitchens. With a commercial LPG griddle you can expect high performance, easy maintenance and consistent cooking.

We proudly present an extensive line of renowned Infernus LPG griddles:

Infernus chargrill With griddle plate: A versatile cooking solution, with a robust griddle plate.

Infernus EGG-24SX flat griddle: perfect for any commercial kitchen, known for it’s high performance.

Infernus IF Series: This range includes models such as IF-1000GGC, IF-60GG, IF-60GGC, IF-75GG, IF-75GGC, IF-100GG, IF-100GGC, IF-120GG, and IF-120GGC. These offer diverse widths and a chrome finish that meets any requirements.

Infernus INF-1002GG 1/2 & 1/2 Ridged & Flat Griddle: A combination griddle offering both ridged and flat surfaces.

Our range of LPG griddles can accommodate any budget. Investing in an LPG commercial griddle from us ensures efficient and reliable cooking output.