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    This category is our range for all your commercial oven needs. This category includes ovens designed for use in any commercial kitchen. We have electric ovens as well as gas ovens, perfect for any catering establishment.

    LPG ovens are a professional chef’s ally. These ovens heat rapidly, offer precise temperature controls, and aid in creating flavourful, visually delightful dishes. The compact design and robust structure of a commercial LPG oven ensure durability and functionality, enhancing overall kitchen productivity.

    Our LPG oven showcase features world-class brands including Infernus, Lincat, and OG8002, each signifying a relentless commitment to quality:

    Infernus: The brand-new Infernus 36X 6 Burner Oven stands as a symbol of versatile cooking and robust performance. Its impeccable design measuring 91cmW x 85cmD x 152cmH makes it an ideal fit for demanding commercial kitchens.

    Lincat: The Lincat series of brand-new ovens including the SLR6 and SLR9 models, along with the castor-enabled SLR6C and SLR9C models, define Lincat’s reputation for top-notch quality and reliability in commercial cooking. Their compact measurements (60cmW x 60cmD x 95cmH for the 4 Burner Gas Range and 90cmW x 60cmD x 97cmH for the 6 Burner Gas Range Cooker) offer a perfect mix of substantial capacity and thoughtful design for streamlined kitchen operations.

    OG8002: The Opus 800 Free-standing Gas Oven Range again illustrates H2 Products’ commitment to offer superior, comprehensive cooking solutions in a compact size of 90cmW x 80cmD x 92cmH.

    Whether you helm a bustling restaurant or a cosy cafe, our LPG gas oven selection suits diverse cooking needs and budgets. Select from our LPG oven collection and experience the fusion of state-of-art design, robust construction, and superior cooking performance. Shop from our selections today to revolutionise your culinary expertise with our commercial LPG ovens.