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    Showing all 7 results

    If you are looking for a commercial fryer for your kitchen, this commercial fryers category is for you. Our range features commercial fryers designed for catering businesses who aspire to have high performing equipment in their kitchens.

    Our commercial LPG fryers, known for their efficient fuel use and precise temperature control. The Infernus and Lincat deep fryers headline our product collection:

    Infernus: the INF-004 and INF-005, each offering superb frying consistency and superior performance.

    Lincat: The DF4 single tank gas fryer is a compact yet efficient solution. This is for kitchens seeking quality frying capabilities without occupying much space.

    The LPG deep fryers not only provide precise heat control but also ensure efficient and rapid frying.

    Explore our range of high-quality LPG commercial fryer today and elevate your commercial kitchen.