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Showing all 14 results

If you are looking for a commercial fryer for your kitchen, this commercial fryers category is for you. Our range features commercial fryers designed for catering businesses who aspire to have high performing equipment in their kitchens.

Freestanding fryers are an essential component of any commercial kitchen. From upscaled restaurants to quaint cafes, offering your business the accuracy and efficiency it needs. With high quality construction and performance that every deep fried dish you serve is cooked uniformly.

Our extensive freestanding fryers catalog includes esteemed global brands offering their top-performing fryers:

  • Blue Seal: The high performing freestanding gas fryer known for its dynamic performance that delivers culinary perfection.
  • Infernus: Offering an array of high-performance fryers such as the Infernus TT-WE211B which promises powerful deep frying capabilities.
  • Kingfisher: The brand’s freestanding electric fryer represents unwavering reliability and high performance.
  • Buffalo: Makers of premium-grade freestanding fryers that guarantee consistent quality and durability.

At H2 Products, our collection caters to a range of requirements and budgets. Choose from our selection of both new and pre-owned freestanding fryers, inspected by our expert team.

Explore H2 Products’ splendid selection of freestanding fryers today. Enhance your kitchen’s capabilities with our offering that melds exceptional performance with ease of use and maintenance.