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    Showing all 20 results

    If you are looking for a commercial fryer for your kitchen, this commercial fryers category is for you. Our range features commercial fryers designed for catering businesses who aspire to have high performing equipment in their kitchens.

    A single tank fryer is an essential piece of cooking equipment for businesses requiring efficient frying capacities without the need for expansive setups. Its compact design allows for easy installation in limited kitchen spaces, whilst its excellent performance ensures consistent frying results, elevating the taste and quality of your delicacies.

    Our single tank fryer collection showcases celebrated brands, each recognized for their commitment to delivering exceptional frying solutions:

    • Infernus: Choose from the brand-new INEF-16FS, INEF-10L, INEF-17V, INEF-16V, and INF-HEF101 models, each offering unique capacities, sizes, and features tailored to fit any commercial kitchen setup.
    • ACE Tabletop: The Doughnut/Fish Fryer delivers specialized frying options with a 23-liter capacity.
    • Hamoki: The DF-28L Electric Fryer sports a substantial 40cmW x 80cmD x 110cmH size for larger frying demands.
    • Infinity: Select the ideal model for your needs with either the IN-8LF 8L or the New B Grade IN-8LF 8L model.
    • Nisbets: The Ex Demo CT956 model offers a 5-liter capacity with excellent frying performance.
    • Buffalo: The New B Grade DC319-N and the Used FC256 models further exemplify the brand’s focus on quality and durability.
    • Lincat: The brand-new DF4 Gas Fryer stands tall amongst its competitors, ensuring high-quality and fast frying performance.

    Whether you operate a small cafe or a bustling restaurant, our single tank fryer collection suits diverse cooking requirements and budgets, granting you the perfect frying companion for your commercial kitchen.

    Choose from H2 Products’ single tank fryers and enhance your culinary pursuits with our dependable, versatile, and high-performing range. Browse and shop today to experience the benefits of our expertly curated single tank fryer selection.