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This category is your source for exceptional chargrills and charbroilers. We offer a wide range of that cater to the high demands of professional kitchens. Whether you are looking for an electric or gas chargrill or charbroiler, you will find it here.

LPG gas chargrills and charbroilers are recognized for their powerful performance and efficient fuel usage. Their design and reliable heat distribution make them an ideal choice for busy commercial kitchens. By choosing a commercial LPG gas charbroiler, you are investing in a synergy of precision, power, and efficiency.

Our collection of LPG gas chargrills and charbroilers mainly features high-quality models from Infernus:

Infernus: Select the Infernus Charbroiler Chargrill, a brand-new model, compactly designed at 60cm wide. The wider Infernus BCLR 900 charbroiler and the Infernus BCLR 1200 charbroiler, both promising performance and reliability. The Infernus 90cm and 120cm Chargrills equipped with Griddle Plates merge the best of grilling and griddling in single, efficient units.

Despite the size of your business, our LPG gas chargrills and charbroilers are designed to cater to any requirements. By investing in our LPG gas chargrills, you get significant fuel efficiency and outstanding cookery performance in your kitchen.