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Showing all 14 results

You can bookmark this section as your go-to destination for high quality upright commercial freezers. We offer an extensive range of commercial upright freezers suitable for a variety of hospitality and retail businesses including restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. Find the perfect freestanding freezer to fit your commercial needs from our impressive collection.

Double door upright freezers are crucial for any commercial arena, be it a grocery store, restaurant, or a busy café. These freezers, with their substantial storage potential and energy-efficiency, are designed to maintain your goods at the perfect freezing temperature, thereby ensuring best-in-class freshness and quality.

Our extensive selection incorporates globally recognized brands offering top-tier double door upright freezers, including:

  • Diaminox: Known for models like the SU1200F Double Upright Freezer, which promises vast storage in a sleek stainless steel design.
  • Frenox: The GN1400-LT Double Freezer combines style and functionality in a large-storage freezer.
  • Polar: Offering the Polar CD616, U635, and G595 models, known for their superior construction, reliable performance, and ample storage space.
  • Foster: The XR1300L Double Freezer is highly appreciated for its robust construction, ensuring durability and longevity.

All the 2 door upright freezers from H2 Products are equipped with precision temperature control to assure the ideal freezing environment for your products. The sturdiness, along with easy maintenance, makes these freezers a significant addition to all commercial settings.

Explore H2 Products’ unmatched range of double door upright freezers today. Offering both brand new and thoroughly checked second-hand options, we accommodate varying budgets and operational needs. Revamp your commercial refrigeration system with our top-notch selection of 2 door upright freezers, ensuring the finest and uncompromised freezing solutions.