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    Showing 1–24 of 36 results

    Display fridges are an essential asset to the commercial refrigeration industry. They beautifully bridge the gap between efficient refrigeration and attractive product display. In businesses where it’s key to showcase a variety of fresh and chilled products, display fridges play a significant role. Our wide assortment of display fridges caters to every unique business need, offering the dual benefits of safe food preservation and ample product visibility.

    A single door commercial display fridge is for use in any restaurant, café or retail outlet. These display fridges efficiently showcase your products, from chilled beverages to desserts, while occupying minimal floor space.

    Explore exceptional offerings from renowned brands like:

    Infernus: Offering different capacity models, like the Infernus 238L and the compact Infernus 68L Display Fridge.

    Lynkso: The Lynkso D372 single retail fridge, features a spacious design, which showcases your food products in style.

    Arctica: Models such as the HEF540, HEF542 and the HEF546 display fridge, are all designed to cater to varied capacities and demands.

    Polar: Models like the Polar DM075 single display fridge, provide outstanding performance and reliability.

    Our single commercial display fridges come equipped with precise temperature control as standard. These single door retail fridges are easy to clean and durable. They are a great addition to your commercial kitchen or retail space.