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Showing all 3 results

We provide a wide range of display freezers to customers across the UK for a wide range of commercial uses. Our collection of commercial display freezers showcase models from trusted brands including Atom, Kaz, Talisman, Iarp, Lowe, Polar, and Tefcold.

Ice cream display freezers are an essential part of any food service establishment that aims to serve and showcase a variety of enticing frozen treats. These freezers maintain the perfect temperature to keep your ice cream products at their best quality and consistency.

Our collection draws from leading refrigeration brands:

Arcaboa: Our Arcaboa CHV Range Island Site Freezer is not only spacious with its dimensions of 155cmW x 96cmD x 78cmH, but also boasts an attractive display that can captivate your customers at a glance.

KAZ: Featuring the KAZ EN130 Ice Cream Freezer measuring 132cmW x 69cmD x 125cmH, this freezer is designed to efficiently organize and display your frozen items.

Talisman: The Talisman Evo 2 T2 and MK3 ice cream display freezers, with dimensions of 103cmW x 68cmD x 85cmH and 125cmW x 71cmD x 85cmH respectively, offer a blend of storage functionality and appealing design, making your products irresistible to customers.

Polar: The Polar DB319 Ice Cream Display Freezer comes in a compact design of 80cmW x 66cmD x 35cmH, ideal for businesses with limited space but a large demand for ice cream storage and display.

Whether you’re running a bustling ice cream parlour, managing a dessert shop, or operating a café or restaurant with a dessert corner, our ice cream display freezers are custom-built to meet diverse commercial refrigeration needs.

Explore our selection today to find the ice cream display freezer that aligns seamlessly with your business needs. Offering compelling displays, space-efficiency, and robust storage performance, our display freezers promise to revolutionize your ice cream presentation and sales.