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    Showing all 15 results

    Bench fridges and countertop fridges are an excellent way to maximise the space in your kitchen. Designed with a counter top attached to extend your prep area. These are perfect for any commercial kitchen where space is a premium.

    Stainless steel top bench fridges combine the robust, hygienic properties of stainless steel with cutting-edge refrigeration technology. They provide a practical workspace for food preparation while maintaining ideal temperatures for storing fresh, perishable items and reducing food waste.

    Our range includes an assortment of sizes and models from trusted brands:

    Diaminox: The Diaminox SB135R, SB90R, and VC180R bench fridges offer both storage efficiency and workspace convenience with their stainless steel tops.
    Polar: The Polar GE633 Direct Draw Keg Draught Beer Dispenser and various chef base fridges like DA463, along with the FA441 and G598 4-Door Bench Fridge, promise advanced cooling technology wrapped up in a stainless-steel finish.
    Arctica: The Arctica HED496, HED498 HED499, and HEF140 Bench Fridges provide practicality along with an attractive design.
    Foster: The Foster XR2H and XR3H bench fridges combine consistent performance with a sleek, resilient stainless steel top that is easy to clean and maintain.
    Whether operating a restaurant, managing a hotel kitchen, or running a cafe, our stainless steel top bench fridges are designed to meet various commercial cooling and preparation needs. Invest in these fridges to ensure a perfect blend of high-quality refrigeration, effective workspace, and enduring style.

    Browse through our selection today and take your pick from our extensive range of stainless steel top bench fridges. Efficiency, longevity, and elegance are the pillars of their design, promising to enrich your kitchen operations in myriad ways.