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    Bench fridges and countertop fridges are an excellent way to maximise the space in your kitchen. Designed with a counter top attached to extend your prep area. These are perfect for any commercial kitchen where space is a premium.

    Marble top bench fridges incorporate design and durability of marble with the functionality of professional refrigeration. The marble top provides a work surface that is not only hygienic but also remains cool. This is a priority for certain types of food preparation.

    Our range includes high performing fridges from brands such as:

    Infernus: Our Infernus models promise spacious interior storage, state-of-the-art temperature controls, and efficient cooling systems.

    Lincat: Lincat’s marble bench fridges feature energy-saving smart controls, improved insulation, and efficient compressors.

    Our selection of marble top bench fridges feature exceptional high performance, durability, and attractive design as standard.