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Showing all 2 results

Bench fridges and countertop fridges are an excellent way to maximise the space in your kitchen. Designed with a counter top attached to extend your prep area. These are perfect for any commercial kitchen where space is a premium.

Our selection features various models that deliver quality and efficiency without compromise. These single door bench fridges offer refrigerated storage, with the added benefit of a worktop space.

In our collection of single bench fridges, we have the Brand New Polar CD081 Stainless Steel Single Door Fridge. This unit offers both space saving functionality and superior performance, making it an ideal addition to busy kitchens.

For a compact single bench fridge with countertop option, the Brand New Genfrost C1/289SS bench fridge might be your perfect match. Combining refrigeration technology with a convenient workspace to streamline your kitchen’s efficiently.

No matter your specific requirements, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of any commercial kitchen. Discover our range of single door bench fridges with counter top that meet your commercial kitchen needs.