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Care Guide: How to Maintain and Clean Your Commercial Fridge


A well-maintained commercial fridge is the backbone of any business where food safety and preservation are key factors. This guide will detail the essential cleaning and maintenance practices to ensure your fridge operates at peak performance.

Importance of Maintaining a Commercial Fridge

Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your commercial fridge but also ensures optimal performance. Neglecting the fridge can result in food spoilage, health code violations, and increased energy costs. This can overall, negatively impact your business.

Cleaning Procedures for Commercial Refrigeration

Step 1: Prepare the Fridge for Cleaning

The first thing to do is unplug your fridge and remove the contents. Defrost the fridge if necessary to remove ice that may have built up. This build up can occur in commercial upright fridges, that haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

Step 2: Interior Cleaning

Remove all the removable parts, such as shelves and drawers. Use a mild detergent solution and clothe to clean them thoroughly. Once you do this, sanitise the area with an appropriate commercial grade and food safe sanitiser.

Step 3: Exterior Cleaning

Next, wipe down handles, gaskets and condenser coils with a mild cleaning solution. Make sure to regularly inspect gaskets for signs of wear as this can help prevent your fridge from breaking down in future.

If your display fridge has a glass door, you should use a commercial glass cleaner. Many different suitable cleaners exist for glass display fridges, some of which can clean both glass and stainless steel. This is particularly useful if you have a display fridge and a commercial stainless steel fridge.

Step 4: Reassembling and Restocking the Fridge

After the cleaning process, reassemble the fridge and restock it. Organise the fridge to ensure proper separation of raw and cooked meat.

Maintenance Tips for Optimal Performance

To make your fridge lasts longer, which will save money in the long run; have a certified engineer inspect it regularly.

Closely monitor temperature and humidity levels inside the fridge, on a daily basis.

Regularly check and replace any worn-out gaskets, seals and filters.

Organise storage space effectively, always keeping it free from clutter.

Implement energy saving practices, such as maintaining ideal temperatures and frequently checking door seals.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

Excessive frost: Regular defrosting and cleaning can mitigate frost buildup.

Temperature fluctuations: Ensure consistent temperature settings and check for proper door sealing.

Strange noises: Regular maintenance can help identify and rectify issues early on.

Condensation issues, leaks, and odors: Cleaning and inspecting gaskets can prevent these problems.


Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial in the longevity and efficiency of your commercial fridge. By implementing these practices, you set yourself up for success in maintaining a reliable and efficient commercial fridge.