Stainless Steel

Here at H2 Catering Equipment we stock huge amounts of commercial stainless steel items such as stainless steel tables, stainless steel sinks, stainless steel shelf, stainless steel shelves, stainless steel shelving and stainless steel racks and racking.

Our stainless steel selection include Brand New, Ex Display, Used stainless steel table and secondhand stainless steel tables, sinks, shelves, shelf, racks and racking.

If you are looking for the following we are sure to have it in stock.

Single bowl sink, double bowl sink, triple bowl sink, 1 one bowl sink, 2 two bowl sink, 3 three bowl sink, left hand sink, left hand drainer, left bowl sink, left bowl drainer, right hand sink, right bowl sink, right bowl drainer, center bowl sink, double drainer sink, commercial sink, cheap sink, bar sink, nightclub sink, stainless steel table, prep table, centre table, center table, wall table, upstand table, table with lip, table with shelf, cheap table, wall shelves, free standing shelves, wall shelf, free standing shelf, 2 tier shelf, 3 three tier shelf, 4 four tier shelf, free standing rack, free standing racking, wall rack, wall racking, dishwasher tabling, dishwasher rack, inlet table, inlet tabling, outlet table, outlet tabling, pot wash sink, deep bowl sink, deep pot wash sink, wall cabinet, stainless steel cabinet, floor cabinet, oven stand, Rational stand, lincat stand, cooker stand, tap, taps, pillar tap, mixer tap, rinse arm tap, pre spray tap.

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