Brand New DC ASKO Tumble Dryer 60cmW x 75cmD x 85cmH

Product Code: D30111
Single Phase Catering Equipment Three Phase
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24 months parts warranty
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Condition:Brand New
Fuel Type:Electric | Single Phase Hardwire, Three Phase Hardwire
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Product Code: D30111

All the Asko DC commercial tumble dryers have a robust, easy to use LCD display with a jog dial for programme selection and a start/stop button. The display clearly shows the chosen programme, remaining time and the programme memory. It automatically remembers the last run programme, including any settings, which means that for the next load all you need to do is press start.

As one of the quietest commercial tumble dryers on the market, it will also fit into any environment. All ASKO tumble dryers come with a stacking kit, to enable them to fit on to ASKO washing machines.

Vented tumble dryers remove moisture through a vent that can be fitted to an external wall or a hose. Therefore vented tumble dryers are more economical to run than condenser dryers as they are not using energy to convert hot air to water.

Rather than the usual “reversing” drying process, which means the dryer constantly changes direction, these dryers tumble the laundry in a figure of an eight. This moves the clothes gently, non-stop and in only one direction, without the clothes bundling. This saves wear on both the belt and the motor, providing greater durability.


Sensi Dry™ – No More Over drying
The unique Sensi Dry™ system determines the length of drying time required. Temperature sensors make the drying result more even and more reliable than a conventional sensor (which gauges electrical resistance). When you select a drying programme, the unique Sensi Dry™ system determines the length of drying time required and the programme will automatically stop when the clothes are dry.

Robust, brushless induction motor with one-way operation that leads to longer lifetime, lower noise and faster drying.

Extra Fast Programmes
The high power of the TDC145VS dryer (5kW) ensures that you can save 40% on programme time. This means that the machine can usually dry 7kg of cotton in only 48 minutes.

Safety and Peace Of Mind
For professional use, safety must be paramount. All machines come with the following safety precautions to give you peace of mind:

  • Overheat protection that prevents clothing ignition
  • The door can be opened from the inside
  • If the door is opened during drying, the cycle must be restarted
  • Door lock stops cycle upon opening
  • Temperature sensor holds exactly the selected temperature, and counteracts temperature fluctuations that can damage the clothing


Product Code: D30111

Fuel Type:                  Electric
Connection Type:   Single Phase Hardwire, Three Phase Hardwire
Warranty:                  24 months parts only

Please note this is restricted to certain postcodes. Please call for more information

Brand new item, in its original packaging and complete with a 24 months parts only manufacturer’s warranty.

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Dimensions75 × 60 × 85 cm